6 de septiembre de 2016

Review; If you give up, you will lose

   Si te rindes, pierdes ✎  Ismael Prego
Autoconclusivo ✎  Montena
 Only in spanish ✎ 12.95€
*Thanks Montena for the book
This is my way to see the world,these are, in my opinion, the bases for live and create on the internet and everywhere. Feel free to be agree or disagree with me. I will defend your right to disagree, I will defend my right to say what I think. This is not another book about youtubers. This book will bring something, or at least try. Internet is like a schoolyard: no one is safe. So basically, you have to learn to defend yourself, because if you give up, you will lose.

Although I´m not a inconditional fan of Wismichu, I like to see occasionally and in one of her videos he spoke about he book and he said that this book wasn´t be the typical book of youtubers, so I decided to accept the copy that the editorial offered to see it Wismichu said the thuth or not.

I have to say that the only thing that I like of the book it has been the ilustrations, they are funny and wonderful.

In this book Wismichu explained everything that the people have to know If they want to start in the youtubers´world. Types of fans, originality, etc...

It is divided in seven chapters, in each one he talk to us about one particular topic. The lyrics are bigger and the book it´s very fast to read. Apart from the ilustrations the book contains with codes QR with videos to demostrated his theories.

The book has been very heavier to me in some parts, I think that Ismael has focused more in some aspects, for example the fans. It´s thuth that the book is different of other types of youtubers ´books.

The book is impregnat with the humor of Wismichu and the think that I more love is the form of narrate of the author.

I believe that the book will be better but it isn´t so bad, but I can´t give more than one starts.

In conclusion: Si te rindes, pierdes is a entertaining book but nothing else. It´s very repetitive in somethings but it have humor,great ilustrations and a narrative very funny.

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  1. No soy fan de Wismichu... Es más, creo que en toda mi vida solo he visto uno de sus videos y ni siquiera lo acabé de ver xD Aún así, me alegra que al menos las ilustraciones valgan la pena y hayas disfrutado de ellas :P

    1. Acabo de ver que has publicado la reseña en español... –.– Quizá tendría que haber esperado un poco más para comentarte en la otra, que me ha tardado un poco en salir en el escritorio. Para la próxima lo tendré en cuenta ;)


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